29 January 2009

Lori McKenna

I forgot how much I love Lori McKenna. I first heard her on Oprah a few years ago. She is an amazing women that has achieve so much all while being a mommy to 5. I just love the lyrics of this song. They bring tears to my eyes, but it reminds me how strong you can be for yourself!! Hope you enjoy!!

26 January 2009

This is the best honey you will ever try.......honest!!

No, No I swear its not just that I'm marrying the beekeeper later this year, it really is amazing honey!! Unfortunately, we're currently out for the season, but just wait until next year. We are doubling or tripling the number of our hives so hopefully we will have lots more yummy honey for everyone to enjoy!! I can't wait for next season. Yummmm................
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