21 April 2010

Missing in action

Dear blog,

I know I've been neglecting you......again, but I promise after I get all this info learned up for my next test, I'll be back.

The Farm Princess

15 April 2010

Menu planning take 2.............

Friday April 16 - Flank Steak a' la Publix, veggie and baked potato
Saturday April 17 - Chicken Spaghetti (have some leftover turkey I need to use up in the fridge that I think I'm gonna substitute in this for the chicken)
Sunday April 18 - Smoked Sausage, veggie, and Roy's choice for a carb
Monday April 19 - Quiche & Salad
Tuesday April 20 - Roast in the crock pot, rice and a veggie
Wednesday April 21 - White Chicken Enchiladas

That's as far as I'm planning right now. I'm tired, I'm done pumping and my bed is screaming my name. Nite all!!
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