30 November 2010

Christmas card time Shutterfly style. (sponsored)

I can't hardly believe it's almost Christmas time.  This time last year I was counting the days until we got to meet the little one.  It feels like just yesterday that we were bringing her home and celebrating the holiday season.  Like last year, I'm excited about getting our holiday cards through Shutterfly.  They did an amazing job last year with our Christmas Card/ Birth Announcement.

Over Thanksgiving break we had Farmer Roy's nephew Eric help us take our picture for our Christmas Card this year.  I've been playing on Shutterfly's site the last few days trying to pick one for this year's card.  They have so may cute cards that it's hard to narrow it down to just one.

Here are a few of the card ideas I like so far.

Our photo came out super cute, but I don't want ruin all the surprises and share it all with you now. 

If you are looking for other cute gift ideas check out Shutterfly to see all the things they have to offer.  I love these calendars and canvas prints.  I also love these thank you cards they have.  This is a tradition I want to instill in my child as she grows older to help her understand that holidays are more than just a time of year to receive gifts. 

For all the other bloggers out there check out this link at Shutterfly to learn how you can also earn 50 free holiday cards.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

25 November 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Life has been good today.  I'm full, I'm tired but I'm happy!!  The Princess enjoyed hanging out with her cousins all day.  Hope everyone enjoyed their turkey and families today. 

23 November 2010

What's for dinner?

We're heading on over to the Dillon household for spaghetti.  This is what happened last time we fed the princess spaghetti.  Tonight I plan to feed her naked.  Dear Dillon's, you have been warned!!

22 November 2010

Vista Lights!!

Last Thursday Farmer Roy and I took the Little Princess out to downtown Columbia for Vista Lights. On the way there, we realized this is the 4th year in a row that we have took part in the festivities. For me this always feels like a kick off to the holiday season.

Here I am with the little one right after the Mayor helped light the Christmas tree. Madelyn was a little too preoccupied with all the people fluttering around her, but she did eventually notice the tree.

We enjoyed walking around looking about, but we were a little bummed to see that Cloud 9 was closing down. Cloud 9 always had the cutest little kitchen accessories. It was great to see everywhere so crowded and everyone out to support their community.

As we have done every year since we've been going, we ate dinner at Motor Supply our favorite restaurant in all of Columbia. I love that the Chef Tim changes up his menu nightly. He usually keeps the same proteins, but always prepares them in new ways. I ended up selecting the duck and it was delicious. Madelyn really seemed to enjoy it as well.

I always enjoying doing little things like this as a family. Madelyn is such an entertainer these days and seems to love being in big crowds. She likes to announce her presence loudly and it always just makes me smile.

I'm so ready for the Holidays to be here and can't believe it's already Thanksgiving week. My whole family is coming over for dinner to celebrate, and I can't wait!!

The Tucker clan rolled into SC yesterday and I can't wait to see my older nephews. They are growing up way to fast and quickly becoming little teenagers. My bro and his wife will also be here with the newest little addition to the family. Nate and Maddie will be sharing their first Thanksgiving together. Too bad Nate can't have any of the yummy turkey this year.

Well I hope everyone has a fun filled week! Happy Early Thanksgiving from the farm!

19 November 2010

Baby making is hard.....

Seeing how the first little princess was made without any of Roy or I's knowledge or even the slightest attempt at trying, I never realized how hard this baby-making thing can be.

For another month, I'm not pregnant. I've always hated my period much like any girl, but until you are trying to conceive you don't realize that the "hateness" can be taken to a whole new level.

We've only been trying for 4 months now, but I can't help being a little sad each month when it doesn't happen. I need to learn to be patient and let things happen, but for me that is the hardest part of this all. Thank goodness for Roy. He is my rock, my voice of reason.

So, for today I'm gonna be sad. Tomorrow will be a new day, and soon we will begin a new month of trying.

18 November 2010

I'm back!!!!!!

Did you miss me?

I'll admit it, I'm indecisive. I mean like really, really indecisive. I thought I would like another blog's interface better for this, but here I am back at home. I think blogger fits for me. I am just not "computer" enough to understand some of the stuff on other sites. So here I am again with my indecisive self.

Well, not much as changed in life on the farm. There is still laundry waiting to be folded, animals to feed and a sweet baby to play with. We have however done a few improvements or should I say started a few more improvements on the farm house. It's only taken us months and months, but farmer Roy "almost" has the outside of the house including the shutters painted. Hopefully by Christmas this will be done.

Back on election day, after we voted as a family, we headed out for a trip through the South Carolina countryside. We ended up at Ikea in Charlotte and ended up buying our cabinets, counter tops, and other goodies for our kitchen re-do. After going through a number of phone calls and hassle (a story for another time) all our stuff was finally delivered last week. I can't wait until we get to start ripping out the old and installing the new. Everyone cross your fingers and toes that it goes smoothly.

I did recently rip down the make-shift wall in the now nursery so we could turn the closet back around for Maddie's toddler room. All is well so far, but I'm still in the middle of putting coats of joint compound on it to make it purty. I promise to post pics soon to show the progress. Once I'm done with the rooms, I'm gonna make myself finish the office that has quickly become our storage room.

I promise to stick with this blog and keep everyone update to life out here on the farm.

Before I go, why not share a cute pic of the lil' one that her daddy took of her out in the field. Hope ya'll have a happy Thursday!

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