11 February 2009

Yes....I'm going to be one of "those" moms.........

So my girls at work were looking at me like I had three heads the other day when I shared with them my dreams to use cloth diapers when I have children in the near future. So here I lay on the couch far from preggers....that will be occurring in about a year or so from now.....researching cloth diapers on the internet.

Boy oh boy, I had no idea the expansive amount of knowledge out there about making diapers. Oh, did I forget to mention...I am a sewing-diva-extraordinaire so I will most likely be making these myself. I've got to have something to do in my 9 months of preparing for mommy hood.

Well, I thought I'd save the few sites I'm digging here since it might freak Roy out to see cloth diaper tutorials bookmarked already. Check these out if it interest you. These sites also have tutorials and information on making your own earth-savvy menstrual pads.

Very Baby

Tallulah Baby
Kids in the Garden
Celtic Cloths

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