08 December 2009

Ready and waiting...........

So, I'm starting to feel like I've been pregnant forever. This ginormous little one doesn't appear to be wanting to make an appearance anytime soon. The only thing keeping me going is knowing we have a induction scheduled on the night of our due date, Dec. 14. So a week from today we will finally be meeting our little one.

Thought I'd share some pictures of our nursery. I fell in love with this bedding before we had a clue what the peanut was gonna be, but luckily it can go any way.

I love the furniture we found. It was well worth the price and when we are finally done having our little ones the last one can keep this furniture until they are ready to leave for college.

These are some of my favorite images from the nursery. I think I may just be partial to the bookends since I made them!!!

And just to leave you with a beautiful image of mauh..................I think I was 36 or 37 weeks here...ahhh seems like forever ago!!!!

1 comment:

SonyaAnn said...

Yay, I'm your first follower!
The baby's room is picture perfect. Please come fix my house! LOL
And you look great, I looked like a house when I was that far along. My daughter just turn 18 yesterday so I can honestly say that it goes quick!

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