11 March 2010

Adventures in real estate.

So some might think Roy and I are insane, but we officially put the house on the market 2 weeks ago. I know the little one is only 12 weeks old, but we're ready. We found an amazing house out in Wagener that we are wanting. Well, the house isn't so much amazing as is the amount of land that comes with it, but the house has soooooooooo much potential. Seeing as how Roy and I both enjoy fixing up the house and remodeling, it should be fun. The best part for me is the pasture that is just waiting for some cows to populate it.

We've had several looky-loos so far here at the farm, but no offers yet. We are keeping our fingers crossed. I've really liked this house, but we just wish we had more room outside. I'll tell you though, keeping the house clean all the time is "fun." (insert sarcasm there) I feel like the chores are never ending some days, but hopefully it will be worth it.

So if anyone is looking for a mini-farm in the semi-country come check this place out. I'll miss it, but we are so excited about the future!! Everyone wish us luck and hopefully if we are successful in selling our own house, the house we want will still be available. If not.....mama here we come!!

The Farm.............
(isn't the snow pretty)

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