16 March 2010

Menu Planning.........

So I'm determined to start menu planning to make life here at the farm a little easier. Roy and I are always at a loss when it comes to dinner time if I haven't thought it out before hand. All the freezer meals I made when I was nesting have been long gone and man I miss them. So, here's my plan for the next week. If you have any recipe questions, ask away and I'll try to let you know. I'm off the the grocery store.........

  • Tuesday, March 16 - Chicken Pot Pie (this is the best recipe ever, so yummy)
  • Wednesday, March 17 -Crockpot Philly cheese steak sammies, sweet potato fries and a veggie of farmer Roy's choice
  • Thursday, March 18 - Quiche and Salad
  • Friday, March 19 - Shrimp and Grits
  • Saturday, March 20 - Manicotti, Salad, & Garlic Bread
  • Sunday, March 21 - Leftovers!!!!
  • Monday, March 22 - Red Beans & Rice

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