16 March 2010

So, I have this obsession.........

I have always been a crafty person. I think it comes from my mama. You should see her sewing studio and you would understand exactly where it comes from. I don't just love to craft, but also collecting crafting supplies (again this MUST come from my mama.) I've tried to make a conscious decision in the last few years to finish what I start and use up some of these supplies I've been "collecting." I absolutely LOVE making things for little girls. I'm pretty sure that is why Roy and I were given Madelyn first. I have been stumbling across several amazing sites with patterns and ideas for little ones. I thought I'd share them here for my own reference and for anyone else out there that has my addiction........enjoy!!!

First, this apron dress is going to definitely be part of Maddie's wardrobe this summer. It's so stinkin' cute. Thanks to Bridget at Everyday Chaos for sharing her adorable idea with everyone! I can't wait to tackle this.

Most people out here that have known me for awhile know I've been making these pillowcase dresses for a few years now. Maddie wore her first one this past Christmas, but I want to share the pattern with everyone because it is so easy and so much fun to make. You can come up with so many easy variations of this dress and they are always adorable. You can find several tutorials out there, but this one at A Room Somewhere is really easy to follow.

Love this idea for one with the side tie with matching fabric and not ribbon.

I just found this awesome idea for recycling a men's shirt this morning into a little girls dress. I love the idea of taking something old and making it new and useful again. I think I'll have to hit up Goodwill and some consignment shops to find so cute, funky shirts to try this with.

Okay, I'm gonna share one more before I have to get off here. I love this twirly skirt. I can just see Maddie in a cute onsie with this skirt on and a matching bow in her hair (what little of it she has). Isn't it adorable??

If anyone finds any cute ideas, share them with me!! I love finding new ideas and revamping old ones. Well, the little one is up from her nap........feeding time!!!

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