29 December 2010

Before and Almost After.....

I'm so excited I finally get to write this post.  When we moved to the new farm this past summer, we knew this was going to be one of the first rooms we renovated.  I've loathed this kitchen since day one.  I don't know what I disliked more: the mismatched counter tops, the cabinets by the sink without doors or the tile they choose for the back splash.  It was a functional kitchen, but man-oh-man was it an eyesore.  

There were actually drawers here but no doors on those beauties up on the wall.

Forgive me for the writing on the fridge.  Little one's did it, I swear!!

I loved the deconstruction part.  It was so therapeutic to rip all the ugliness down and see it go out the door.  We started trying to just remove the tile, but ended up finding it easier to cut the drywall out.  We had recently had some practice hanging drywall upstairs, so we were feeling pretty confident about it.  It seemed a little intimidating, but it went up rather easily.  The end pictures don't do it any justice, but when we were done with the drywall we painted the kitchen a pretty shade of yellow.  It was yellow before, but we choose to go with a warmer shade to cozy up the space.

Bye, Bye ugly tile!
Hello Studs!!!
We got our cabinets and counter tops at Ikea and did all the installation ourselves.  It really wasn't that difficult and we probably saved ourselves a couple thousand dollars.  Other than getting the cabinets shipped to us, the process was pretty easy.  Of course my favorite part was picking out and planning the kitchen.  Life was a little rough without a fully functioning kitchen, but with my great crock pot and the little makeshift kitchen in our family/dining room we survived.  We just got our counter tops installed a few days ago, but I was in love within a few minutes of the installers pulling away in their truck.  We lucked up on our new appliances when a great friend sold them to us before she moved.  So far I'm glad to report we've only spent approximately $6000.00 on everything.  Not bad for completely gutting the space.

This is the only place we changed our layout.  We moved the cabinets closer to the fridge and added an above the fridge cabinet.  I think it makes it look much more finished.

My favorite parts are the sink and the integrated dishwasher.
We still need to pick out tile for the floor and for a back splash.  Change out the lighting.  I'm wanting to find a cool pendent light to hang over the farmhouse sink.  I don't know if you can see the pantry doors in any of the above pictures, but I'm also painting them with chalkboard paint.  We also need to finish installing the trim pieces above and below the cabinets as well as the toekicks so I can quit fighting with the little princess about pushing things up underneath the base cabinets.  Sounds like a lot, but we've come a long way baby!! 

Well, that's all I have to share for now.  I'll share more from the farm as we get it done.  I'm off to do a little more sanding and painting!

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Brian Foxworth said...

It looks great Roy & Heather!

thefarmprincess said...

Thanks so much!!

MrsRobbieD said...


Carol And Stacy said...

Great job your kitchen is beautiful. I love your sink. New follower.
Saw you on the blog frog. (We are having a big give away for the most active January member in our blog frog community.)

Happy New Year ~ Carol

Anonymous said...

W.O.W.!! What a transformation! Fantastic job on the kitchen.

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