18 December 2010

Party, Party, Party!!!!

It's so hard to believe that the little princess is already a year old.   It feels like only yesterday that we were bringing her home, staring at her and trying to figure out what to do next.  This last year has been one of the best years of my life. 

e celebrated in style today at the farm for the Miss Maddie's first birthday.  Family and friends came out to party with the little one.  I started thinking about and planning for this party in my mind for about the last 6 months.  I had so much fun the last few weeks putting all my plans into action.

I was able to make all the decorations myself.  The inner Scrapbooker in me was in heaven.  I've missed crafting so much the last few months since my office is still in shambles from the move.

I've been calling the little princess "bug" or "ladybug" since she was really little and knew that it was the theme I wanted for the party.  

Cupcake Toppers

Happy 1st Birthday Banner
Ladybug cake
I really have no experience making cakes, but I had a good time making this little ladybug cake for Maddie.  After having a little difficulty with the first body breaking apart into about 17 pieces, I was able to get it to cook right in a glass bowl.

We haven't let Maddie have much cake or any sweets, but she dove into the cake like a pro.  She was a little unsure at first, but she loved it.  I'm not sure how much got into her mouth, but she loved squishing it between her little fingers.

She wasn't too sure about the candle.  Daddy was there to help her.


We choose to host a book exchange for the party since Maddie's birthday falls so close to Christmas.  We still had a couple of gifts to open and Maddie had a great time tearing paper and discovering the treasures inside.  Keeping her on task was a struggle, but she had a great time with her new presents this evening after all the excitement quieted down.

She loves books!

Getting the hang of this present thing.
Thanks to all our family and friends that helped make my little princess first birthday so much fun.  Maddie had a wonderful time!
Big Girl!!

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