11 January 2011

21 things…..

Ohhh go check out this post over at The Story of Us.  I’ve been a little stumped and having a difficult time coming up with something to post about today.  I’ve got so many projects going on around the farm right now that I can’t wait to share on here but nothing is quite ready yet. 

Hopefully I can actually get through this without retyping it over and over.  The little princess has a new game…….every time I open the laptop she makes a bee line over to wherever I am to close it.  Sounds like fun doesn’t it?  Try it about 100 times then tell me how you really feel.

 1. I proclaimed for years to friends and coworkers that I was never going to get married and if I did I didn’t think I ever wanted kids.  Look at me now.  Couldn’t imagine my life without my farmer or lil’ princess.

2. I met my hubby online.  Most people are shocked by that.  Well actually we “met” in a bar, but found each other online.  I knew he was the one after only about 3 dates. 

3.  Have you ever had a really, really bad day and at the end of it realized you were wearing your panties inside out?  I have.

4.  I found the little princess’ name by Googling “names that go with the middle name Ruth.”

5.  I cannot stand scarey movies.  Like "can’t-stand-with-every-hair-on-my-head" kind of can't stand them.  I’m a real life chicken.

6.  I’m completely OCD about cleaning, but only if I’m in the mood.  Watch out though if I start cleaning and you come behind me and mess it up, you are liable to get the wrath. 

7.  I once worked in a fast food restaurant.  For 3 days.

8.  I’m famous in my family for many things.  One of these was for getting stuck backwards in a kitchen table chair.  I had to be sawed out.  Yes, I had chubby legs as a child.  Quit laughing now.

9.  I secretly will leave the paper towel holder empty to see how long it takes for the hubby to put a new roll on.  I’ve lasted 4 days one time.

10.  I carried a blankie around until I was almost in the 4th grade.  My parents made me give it to our dog as a pull toy.  I’m still bitter about the dog eating my blankie. 

11..  With my job, I’ve seen more penises than I’d care to ever admit.  I’m a nurse people, a nurse.  I know what you were thinking. 

12.  I’ve been arrested once in my life when I was 18.  I was stealing political signs.  Sadly I wasn’t political at the time, just being stupid.  Really, really stupid.  And no I didn’t have to do any time in the slammer.

13.  I have a real fear of trampolines.  I hurt myself on one as a kid and never really liked them that much anyway.  I secretly hope my children never want one.

14.  As a kid I was terrified when we had to cross over a bridge in the car.  When we use to have to cross the Memphis bridge, it would make me cry.  I have in fact gotten over this. 

15.  Speaking of bridges, one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever been through in my life involved The Mile High Swinging Bridge at Grandfather Mountain.  This involved my older sister.  Enough said.

16.  I cannot do a cartwheel.  I’ve tried but with no success.  It’s quite entertaining to see me try.

17.  I once stuck a bead up my nose and it got stuck.  Yep, brilliant I know.  Sorry mom for that doctor bill.

18.  I’m a complete baby whenever I have to get a shot.  I can give them all day long, but don’t you dare come at me with a needle.

19.  I love microwave popcorn more than I should.  I really, really love it mixed with a handful or two of M&M's......now my mouth is watering......

20.  I love the Harry Potter series.  I don’t care that I’m 31.  I’m not skeerd to admit that I’ve read all the books no less than 4 times each and have been thinking about doing it again soon.

21.  I’ll never forget the way I felt the first time I laid my eyes on the lil’ princess.  Makes me wonder why I ever felt the way I did in #1.


Brandi Huckaby said...

I love Harry Potter so much I went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for my honeymoon!!

Kelli Lovier said...

I knew you would have kids someday! Told ya!

Danna and Kirk said...

I can't do a cartwheel either! I was also with on number 1 and 21 (I now have three kiddos :) I also love the Harry Potter series!
Loved your list!

MrsRobbieD said...

#2 Rob & I met online ;)
#3 I have done that too
#9 ;) Done that too

Great Post!

Summer Jo said...

I featured you on my blog today:

thefarmprincess said...

Summer Jo - thanks so much!!

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