12 January 2011

Homemade Farmhouse Table

I've been dreaming of owning my very own Farmhouse table ever since we moved into this new house.  I mean hello, I live on a farm so this MUST be a necessity, right?  When I found this table and this table over at Ana White's, I just knew it had to be fate.  Sure I could have pinched pennies for years and spent $1000+ on a table, but I'm cheap and that was just never gonna happen.  Plus the thought of doing this ourselves just sounded cool.

After getting some awesome gift cards for Christmas and discussing it with the hubby, we decided to go for it.  We bought our wood and all the supplies we needed for about $125.00.  We will need to spend a little more on stain, but $125.00 for a farmhouse table is awesome!!  In my opinion that is. 

So, the hubs and I worked on the plans for our very own table.  Ana's tables are awesome but were a little narrow and long for our space plus I really wanted to incorporate turned legs in our design.  After a bit of sketching we ended up combining the two table plans.

Lil' Princess on her way to help

The world around here in SC has pretty much been on hold for the last few days due to the blizzard of 2011.  Since the farmer was home for his 3rd snow day from work we he got busy.  He managed to get the frame built and top cut out.  It looks great so far and I can't wait to get it all together.  For now I'm living with saw dust and wood pieces in what will one day be our family room/dining room but strangely enough it makes me happy to see it this way.   I can't wait to share with you the finished product. 

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Danna and Kirk said...

How fun! I have always wanted a farmhouse table. I can't wait to see pics!

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