05 January 2011

My Resolute-Nots

 Happy 2011 from the girls!!!

I read this post by Kelly over at According to Kelly and LOVED it!!  I knew I had to come up with a list of my own resolute-nots. 
  • I will not stop loving my family
  • I will not leave projects undone until next year
  • I will not stop teaching little princess how special she is
  • I will not let myself get so down that I’m not pregnant yet
  • I will not go another 6 months without a haircut
  • I will not be afraid of speaking my mind
  • I will not stop letting Farmer Roy how much I appreciate him
  • I will not let my blog go more than 3 days without updating it
  • I will not stop taking pictures of every aspect of my life
  • I will not allow myself to dwell on mistakes of the past
  • I will not go another year without finishing my craft space
  • I will not stop DIY-ing and crafting
  • I will not stop hugging and kissing my little one 100 times a day
  • I will not stop looking forward to my morning cup of coffee
  • I will not stop stealing my husbands warm and cozy flannel shirts
  • I will not stop pretending I didn’t wish my sister lived closer to me
  • I will not be so closed off to the rest of the world
  • I will not stop looking forward to ladies nights
  • I will not go on without spending more time with my family
  • I will not stop wishing I could win the lottery
  • I will not stop waking up every morning thankful for my life
  • I will not stop being me


Shannon Smith said...

I Love it!

Alexa said...

Coming over from McMama's blog spot! Love LOVE LOVE, actually adore your blog! I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Tinsley Family said...

Great list :)

thefarmprincess said...

Thank you guys. I'm really hoping the lottery one comes true. :)

Kelli Lovier said...

I love this list!

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