20 January 2011

Peepshi.......Say what??

I failed yesterday.  I ran all morning looking in thrift shops for hidden treasures and then had a work meeting last night.  By the time I got home I was exhausted, so therefore I neglected the blog.  On another hand, I am happy to report that I found material for the little one's new curtains for a whopping $2.13, whoooo-hoooooo!!!  I'll be sure to share pics when I get them made and up {btw if anyone can find the hanging part of my curtain rod, I'll owe you forever}.

So I know a few days ago I posted this picture and promised an explaination, so here it goes.  Consider this a "crafty" food project the Farmer and I did last Easter.  The Farmer found this site and couldn't wait to try his hand at making his very own sushi peeps or peepshi.  We decided to whip them up for Easter dinner at his mama's since so many of the little princess' cousins were gonna be there and lets be honest, the kids are gonna get a kick out of this more than the adults.

  The ingredient list is super simple:
  • Rice Krispie Treats {we were lazy and used the pre-made kind....the baby was only a few months old....stop judging me}
  • Fruit Roll-ups {I think the site actually said to use Fruit by the Foot, but we just cut ours into strips}
  • Peeps in a variety of colors
The Beginning........

Now if you really don't like peeps for eating, this is where you can get your revenge.  Grab a sharp knife and saw the little heads off some of the peeps. 

Theraputic isn't it?

I actually like peeps, so for me this is kinda sad.  Poor little peeps.  Oh and don't cut them all up,  you'll use a few whole pieces too.

The murder scene.....

Now, here comes the fun part.  Cut your Rice Krispies up and go to it.  Go ahead, get creative.  Make some Nigiri sushi or Sashimi or Makimono or whatever you want to call it.  Have a good ole' time.   Here's what we came up with.




Doesn't it all look yummy?  We just used a basic cutting board to serve it up.  Completed the look with a bit of extra Fruit Roll-ups to look like the ginger and a pair of chopsticks.  The little one's loved it and devoured it.  I think this would be super cute for a Asian themed kids Birthday or just for a quick snack for the little one.  I know it's silly, but we had so much fun.  Enjoy ya'll!!


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MeLi said...

OH HOW CUTE!! I am soooo trying this!! ^_^

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