21 January 2011

And the award goes to.......

Me!!!!  Yes you read that right.  I've been recognized by the awesome Dana at 3 Pink Cupcakes for the Stylish Blogger award.  Isn't she sweet?  Go check her out and those adorable baby girls.

Here's how it works.  Just like in kindergarten, we all have to play by the rules:
  1. Thank the awesome person that gave you the award.
  2. Share 7 embarrassing interesting things about yourself
  3. Award 10 RECENTLY DISCOVERED great bloggers.
  4. Let said 10 bloggers know about their awesomeness of this prestigious award.

Here are 7 things you wouldn't be able to live without knowing about me {much like these}:
  1. I have a tendency to find a shirt or pants I like and buy 2 or 3 in different colors.  I know it's bad to do that, but I can't help it.  It's a sickness.  
  2. I like to pretend I'm a good cook but truth be told.  If I don't have a recipe to follow, I couldn't make it.  Fake it until you make it baby!!
  3. I secretly wish I was famous.  Like that type of famous that could act and sing.  Realistically I can't do either.
  4. I've been outside of my house pretty much naked.  I live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees.  I love that I could do that everyday and no one would ever know.  Well, until now.
  5. My hubby is my bestest friend.  I can't survive a day without talking to him.
  6. I love cheesy chick flicks.
  7. I love shows like Glee and movies like Chicago.  I wish we could all live in musicals.  Wouldn't life just always be happy?

Others at the cool people's table.  Go check them out and I'm sure you'll see why I picked them:


Danna and Kirk said...

Thanks! I loved your list and the darling picture!

Mandy Zadoorian, Writer, Website Logo/Banner Designer, Self-Improvement Expert said...

Just a friendly face stopping by from The Blog Frog. I started the discussion there "Share Your Blog and Link" and staying true to my word to make sure I visit, follow and comment for all those whom replied, just as I stated I would. So here I am and wanted to say what a lovely Blog you have...you are a wonderfully talented writer too btw!

I'll stop by again soon and I welcome you to my Blog as well ---


Thank you and a pleasure to meet you,

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