03 January 2011

Menu Planning Monday

food-face-dinner-plateHere it is.  This is my New Years Resolution.  “I AM GOING TO MENU PLAN EVERY WEEK"  Now, I know this may seem like a small resolution, but believe me I could come up with about 1000 other resolutions that I know ultimately I wouldn’t keep.  This is one commitment that I think I can conquer.  If you see that I start to slip, please call me out on it.

I’ve read a lot, I mean like a whole lot, about menu planning.  I love when I do it because that million dollar question in our house is “what’s for dinner?”  Life is just a little more organized and a little more relaxed.  So here we go, week #1:

  • Monday 1/3:  I’m having a ladies night, so the hubs is on his own.  (great start, huh?)
  • Tuesday 1/4:  Taco Soup served with Fritos, Sour Cream & Cheese (any excuse to eat sour cream is a good excuse for me!) (Oh yeah.....recipe soon to follow on here)
  • Wednesday 1/5Crock pot Lasagna (I’ve never tried this before, but I’m brave)
  • Thursday 1/6Polish sausage & cabbage, scalloped potatoes & broccoli (I substitute cabbage for the sauerkraut in this recipe....sauerkraut makes me gag....)
  • Friday 1/7Turkey Meatloaf, Mashed Taters & a veggie of farmer Roy’s choice
  • Saturday 1/8:  Roast a la crockpot, rice, veggies
  • Sunday 1/9:  Leftovers or Farmer Roy’s choice….I gotta work

    Well there it is, week one!!  Yeah me!! 

    P.S.  Aren’t those plates up there the coolest??  Wonder if I got them would little bit actually be tricked into eating veggies?  I’m dreaming, I know!

    P.P.S.  I'm linking up over at I'm an Organizing Junkie to keep my butt on track.  Go on over there check her out and leave some love......her site is awesome!!!

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