27 January 2011

Gotta check this girl out!!

I know I've already mentioned Ana White before when I posted the beginning of the Farmhouse Table {almost done with it by the way, pics to come soon}, but seriously I am in love with her site.  I visit it at least daily and usually it ends up being more than once a day.  Just check out some of these projects.  My to-do list is growing so long.

I love that her site not only highlights her own projects, but guest and other bloggers can share their awesome projects as well.  These washer and dryer pedestals with organization is simply brilliant.  I love it better than any pedestal I've ever seen in a store.

I want this little table so bad.  I think it may be my next building adventure.  I have the perfect place in my oddly shaped living room for it.

I told the farmer that I wanted this media cabinet system from Ikea:

But check out this plan on Ana's site.  I think I'd rather build my own media cabinet.  I'm sure it would ultimately be better quality and actually made out of real wood as compared to composite stuff.  I'm not sure which would be most cost effective, but seeing how I have to drive 2.5 hours to Ikea it probably all evens out.

This is a must for our family room in the making.  {ever notice the lovely blue room in some of my pics?  that will one day be the family/dining room and no, it won't be blue}  I love the hidden storage.


One day far, far away when we are able to build a new laundry room and make our current washer & dryer location our mudroom, this is a must.  I can already see it in my mind and it's beautiful, beautiful I tell you.  See that wood there.....that will be for shoe storage, ahhhh shoe storage.....a girl can dream.

I could go on and on sharing, but I'll show you just one more.  This is definitely going to be my next project.  I think I'm gonna make two of these and retro fit another one with two baskets to fit in the hall linen closet next to the kiddos bathroom.  I can't wait to see how much easier this is going to make laundry day.

Go on over to her site and check out the hundreds of plans and ideas she has.  She is my new idol.  Also, check out her community.  There are awesome message boards where members share projects.  It's great to see how other great crafters/DIYers take her plans and make them or tweak them a little.  It's a wealth of knowledge and a great place for inspiration.

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